Build the world where every person lives in freedom and works in decent conditions

The way we work, matters. Our business-as-usual can lift people out of poverty, reduce
the burden on our environment, and bring about a positive change. It is becoming a
requirement to consider our impact—and that of our partners. A powerful way to do so, is
to hear from the people we impact.

Sustainability doesn’t
apply to us

We just follow the law

We consider the planet
and its people

In Europe and North America organizations ask regular feedback from workers, customers, and partners. Years of research tells us that surveying can make people feel more motivated and increase productivity. Work Ahead makes it easy to ask feedback from the many people who contribute to your success, from fields to factories, near and far.

Surveying is a new practice for most of the world. When you introduce Work Ahead's video surveys, it's often the first time for the organization to gather direct feedback. Surveys provide insights about working conditions, poverty, gender, climate change vulnerability, and more. Besides insightful data, surveying invites us to look sincerely at what is working, and what we could do better. It brings the voice of everyone to the table, and recognizes the human value of every person. Surveys help us grow towards more inclusive, transparent and just world.

We now live in a world where organizations are expected to take responsibility for their impact.

Measure impact
Advance productivity &
Promote human rights &
sustainable development

Video surveys make it easy
to hear from everyone

Video surveys make it easy to hear from everyone

Social sustainability
starts with hearing
from everyone

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