Social sustainability starts with hearing from everyone

Video surveys make it easy for you and your partners to
hear from every person, from farms to factories,
anywhere in the world.

1 Download
Work Ahead Survey
2 Give the phone to a worker, farmer,
or anyone else you wish to survey

Feels like talking with a real person

Respond by pressing an icon with a finger

Accessible, fast and
No literacy skills required, nor internet
No literacy skills
nor internet
Anonymous and

Measure how you and your partners
make a difference

  • Job quality, decent work,
    worker engagement
  • Gender impact
  • Poverty likelihood
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Climate change impact, resilience
    and adaptation

Survey 100+ people per hour

Survey at your leisure, or set up a surveying station to survey
many people rapidly.

Anyone can learn to survey,
in 15 minutes

Work Ahead Survey is very easy to use.

Get started: choose questions

Choose questions from a catalogue—or design your own.

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