Hear directly from workers, family farmers and communities

Gender equality,
human rights,
and more
engagement &
engagement &

Ask feedback from workers to
increase productivity,
engagement, and verify working
and living conditions

Hear about family farmers’
satisfaction, vulnerability,
poverty, climate resilience
and more

Have a dialogue with
communities to measure
your impact and build

Most of the world is absent from decision-making, even when it impacts their lives. This is particularly true for the most vulnerable: family farmers and their seasonal labour, factory workers far down the supply chain, communities affected by business operations.

Work Ahead Video Survey makes it easy to hear from the people affected by your organization, and use the data to make wiser decisions. Data directly from the people lets you step up transparency and verify what lives really are like.

Asking for feedback and making data-driven decisions are new practices for most of the world. Introducing these simple tools lets you make life better for many people - and measure the progress for better.

“It was the first time our
workers’ and farmers’ opinions
were asked so systematically.

Managing Director of South Asian industrial plant

Ask really important questions

Choose your questions from a catalogue—or design your own.

Survey everyone on their first language

From Farsi to Creole, Thai to Swahili, video surveys can be created on any language.

Make wiser decisions with transparent data

See what is working well, what to improve,
& measure how you’re contributing to our
shared goals for the world.

  • Job quality, decent work,
    worker engagement
  • Gender impact
  • Poverty likelihood
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Climate change impact, resilience
    and adaptation

Made easy with friendly video surveys

Anonymous and
No literacy skills required, nor internet
No literacy skills
nor internet
Accessible, fast
and scalable

Mobile app turns anyone anyone into
video survey interviewer

Technology can give superpowers. Instead of interviewing one person at a time, you can survey many
people at the same time. What if you don’t speak their language? No problem. The survey can
handle many languages. And there’s no paperwork: all results are saved confidentially, securely and
digitally. How to become a super interviewer? You just need 30 minutes and a smartphone.

Give a voice to the people whose lives you impact.

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